Our family’s journey in the industry began amidst the trials and challenges of the late 1930s and 1940s. Over the decades, Clearview has adapted to the evolving landscape of technology and helped drive industry standards for safety and delivery, leveraging our wealth of experience to deliver unparalleled professional window cleaning and building services.

Leadership became our cornerstone with the second generation. Navigating market conditions and obstacles as they presented themselves, Clearview remained resilient, emerging stronger than ever from each challenge.

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Today, those traditions thrive within our company under the guidance of the third generation. We embrace cutting-edge technology, pioneering equipment, and innovative techniques in window cleaning, power washing, glass restoration and more. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we maintain the highest standards of quality amidst an ever-changing industry landscape.

At Clearview, our history reflects a foundation built on experience, leadership, and tradition, affirming our status as the trusted choice for building services. We prioritize attention to detail, responsiveness to customer needs, and a professional work ethic, allowing us to excel in both the corporate and individual client sectors.

The backbone of our company is and will always be our people.

Our fully-trained staff, including field managers, technicians, and area supervisors, many of whom have multiple certifications allows Clearview to serve a diverse clientele across Florida. From hotels to condominiums, hospitals to office buildings, we offer comprehensive window and building services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. With Clearview, reliability is crystal clear.