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About Us

Experience... Leadership...Tradition

Clearview Building Services in South Florida brings over 70 years of experience to the industry, through three generations of window cleaning and exterior building maintenance. These years of experience have developed strong leadership and tradition in our company. As these three qualities have come together, Clearview has emerged as a leader in the South Florida window cleaning industry.

Experience began with our first generation, surviving World War II and the Great Depression in the late 1930's and 1940's. As technology has changed and evolved, so has our experience, and these years of experience have been integral in our company’s development and ability to provide superior window cleaning services. We have learned through the ups and downs what works and what doesn’t, as well as how to face and overcome new and often daunting challenges.

Leadership came into play with the second generation, continuing through the Vietnam War and the 1980';s stock market crash. Our strong, well-balanced company also pulled through the tragedy of September 11, 2001, and the hard economic times that followed both Gulf Wars. Clearview Building Services was able to persevere through these difficulties and find success when many others in various industries were struggling to stay on their feet.

Tradition continues in our company with the third generation, bringing in state-of- the-art technology, trend-setting equipment, new window cleaning and pressure cleaning techniques, and safety programs. We are constantly learning how we can keep our commitment to a tradition of quality in an ever-developing industry.

Our history reflects our foundation of experience, leadership, and tradition, and proves that Clearview is the company you can clearly rely on.

Clearview's attention to detail, response to our customers’ requests, and professional work ethic allow us to keep up with the rapidly expanding corporate industry, while providing each client with the individual care they need.

Our staff of field managers, technicians, and area supervisors is fully trained with International Window Cleaner's Association (IWCA) training courses, and is OSHA-regulated to access any hard-to- reach area of a building. Clearview provides hotels, condominiums, hospitals, and office buildings with window and building services in South Florida, cities throughout the state of Florida, and the Caribbean Islands.